If you currently own a 2016 13″ MacBook Pro with Touchbar or a 2016 or newer 13″ MacBook Pro WITHOUT Touchbar, you may be eligible for a covered repair to address one of several issues. As a Premium Service Provider (PSP) for Apple, Lapin can complete these repairs quickly and within all program guidelines.

In addition to the keyboard service program applicable to all 2016+ models of MacBook & MacBook Pro (and 2015 MacBooks), the 13″ 2016 MacBook Pro with Touchbar may also be eligible for a possible display replacement due to backlight issues causing banding, “stagelight” effect, or a completely blacked-out display. See program information on Apple’s site below for coverage details:


For NON-Touchbar 13″ MacBook Pro models (2016 and newer), there are two additional programs under which repairs may be covered by Apple, even outside of the standard warranty window.

First, for those models with either 128GB or 256GB storage devices, a firmware update may be needed to prevent possible future failure and data loss:


Additionally, these models may be subject to battery swelling/failure which may make it eligible for replacement coverage, even if your regular warranty has lapsed:


Have questions about whether or not your machine may be covered under one of these programs? Feel free to stop by or contact us anytime. Apple’s dedicated program detail pages linked above also provide serial number lookup tools to determine whether or not your unit is covered. See below for visual distinction between Touchbar-equipped and Non-Touchbar 13″ MacBook Pro models.


13″ MacBook Pro with Touchbar

13″ MacBook Pro Non-Touchbar