Today we live, work, and play online. Messages are sent, business is transacted, and memories are shared – all digitally, with no tangible proof that any of it exists. Now, more than ever, nothing is more important than having a backup of your critical and sentimental personal and business data and there is only one thing better (and safer!) than having a current, complete, local backup of your data: Having another copy somewhere else.

As a leading Apple technology consultant and repair provider, the worst part of our job is telling people that their data is gone forever. It doesn’t have to be this way. Lapin has partnered with Backblaze to offer our home and business customers unlimited, encrypted, off-site backups and related backup support at an extremely affordable price.

Time Machine + Cloud Backup = Peace of Mind

For Mac users, the fastest and easiest way to safeguard your data is to have a local (i.e. physically-connected) external hard drive used in combination with the Time Machine backup software included with every Mac. Not only is the backup fast and complete (it will back up 100% of the files on your computer), but restoring your data is simple and quick should a “worst case scenario” come into play.

But what happens when your backup drive fails? When your cat knocks it off the desk? When you forget to plug it in? When your bag gets lost or stolen? When a rogue employee pockets it on the way out the door? “There is no Plan B” is not what you want to hear in that situation.

This is when a reliable, automatic, off-site backup is vital. For a small annual fee (trivial, actually, compared to the value of data on your computer) you can have another copy of your most critical data stored in the cloud, ready to be restored at any time with minimal effort. Even better, copies of your data can be accessed online, from any computer, at any time, for those situations when data access is critical and time is of the essence.


Unlimited data, file types and file sizes Fast, optimized data transfer and bandwidth management
Military-grade encryption and SSL transfer Access from anywhere via web and mobile
Continuous backup (with active internet connection) Easy restore via internet, flash drive, or hard drive
Affordable per-unit cost “Locate my computer” function in the event of theft or loss


BBscreenshotLapinCare Cloud Backup featuring Backblaze offers reliable, comprehensive, and affordable cloud backup features for both personal and business applications. In addition, LCCB is fully integrated with LapinCare Active Support, our service offering proactive, remote detection and identification of common Mac issues.


LapinCare Cloud Backup is priced “per-unit”, regardless of application, amount of data, or environment. For only $149 for an entire year, you can have peace of mind knowing your critical data is constantly being backed up in real time, in the background, leaving you free to focus on the tasks at hand.

  • LapinCare Cloud Backup – $199 per year per unit

    • Our standard automated backup and management service. Backed up data includes all personal information (Desktop files, Documents, Pictures, Music, Videos, Library data, Preferences, Mail, etc.) from every user account on the subscribed computer, except for data that is specifically/manually excluded.
      • External, locally connected drives (USB, Firewire, Thunderbolt) are also backed up by default. This does NOT include Time Machine drives, or external drives added AFTER the Backblaze software has been installed – those must be added manually via the settings panel. See “What is backed up?”. Additionally, external drives must be connected to the subscribed computer at least once every 30 days to retain active backups of those drives.
      • The service does not back up system files, applications, items in the trash, or temporary/cache files. Network volumes are also excluded.
      • By default, the service saves any old file versions or deleted files for 30 days. You can extend that version history to 1-Year or Forever for an additional fee.
    • Backed up data can be accessed from any computer at any time via web login, and full restore images can be downloaded or requested physically via USB flash drive or hard drive.
    • “Locate my Computer” feature included, in order to help recover data and pinpoint the location of a machine in the event of loss or theft.
    • Initial setup and configuration assistance, 1-business day email support, restore assistance, and user/group management by a Lapin support technician is included.
    • Due to the nature of the account management and assistance features offered, Lapin is granted access to your backed up data in order to facilitate restorations in the event of data loss or other support requests. Don’t worry, your data is still encrypted and stored securely at the Backblaze data center – only you, your Lapin support technician, and anyone with whom you have personally shared your login credentials has access to the backup. (NOTE: You can OPT OUT of administrative data access, however this will limit our ability to provide troubleshooting or restore support should the need arise.)


Interested in learning more? Please use the form below and we will contact you as soon as possible to answer any questions and provide additional details. You can also sign up now view our full data sheet on the service by clicking here: LapinCare Cloud Backup Take Home



System Requirements:

  • Intel Mac
  • OS X 10.6 or higher
  • Broadband Internet Connection
  • 5 GB of free disk space