LapinCare Prepaid Select – Pay Early, Get More.

Our valued business, education, and individual customers are now able to take advantage of Lapin’s prepaid service and repair discount program. Lapin is happy to offer this new option to all prepay customers as a way to strengthen working relationships and show appreciation for not only our loyal long-term and repeat clients, but new customers looking for a reliable and reputable Macintosh service and repair partner.

We are now offering bonus options when service is prepaid by way of a “bank” purchase. Banks effectively reduce the hourly labor rate and part costs paid for out-of-warranty and AppleCare+ repairs by providing a bonus percentage on dollars spent. There are several benefits to bank purchases that different customer types may find useful:

  • Lower hourly labor rates and part costs, resulting in lower overall per-unit repair costs and total cost-of-ownership throughout the lifetime of your assets
  • Ease of quoting, billing, and invoice payments (i.e. application of existing bank credits to quickly “pay” invoices for approved repairs)
  • Lower frequency of funds requisitions or payment approval requests / POs from your accounting department
  • Less lag time for individual repair/payment authorizations which can accelerate turnaround/delivery time (NOTE – Customers are still provided with estimates for billable repairs in all cases to verify whether or not the available bank balance should be used as payment if approved)

The following prepayment bonus options are available and custom packages can be created upon request:

Net Bank Cost / Purchase Price Bonus Percentage Total Usable Repair/Service Value
$1000 5% $1050
$2500 6% $2650
$5000 7.5% $5375
$10000 10% $11000


We offer these prepaid bank purchases not only as a way to decrease overall repair costs, but to complete the streamlining of your repair flow and ease the stress and overhead related to accounts payable delays and decision-making. When a bank balance drops below 20% availability, customers are contacted and made aware of remaining funds so that an informed decision can be made about replenishment. Banks are non-refundable but available for use on all paid repairs, including out-of-warranty repairs, AppleCare+ incident coverage, upgrades, etc. for up to three (3) years from the date of purchase.

If you believe a bank purchase may be beneficial to you or your organization, please complete the form below and someone will be in touch to discuss details as soon as possible.