This week we are proud to launch LapinCare Active Support, a new service from Lapin Systems offering proactive, remote detection and identification of common Mac issues. Our goal is to help minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and prevent data loss for all of our customers, both home and business.


Support BEFORE you need it. Peace of mind when you don’t.

The short version: LapinCare Active Support (or LCAS) allows us to find Mac problems before they find you. Using a simple software package that runs in the background on your Mac, we are alerted to any problems, warnings, or impending failures in real time, giving us a chance to contact you with repair and resolution options before any impact on productivity or usability. Knowing about problems ahead of time can even mean the difference between business as usual and no business at all.

LCAS is a non-intrusive, affordable, subscription-based service that takes minutes to install on any Mac. It also includes aremote support feature, if requested, and updates automatically when new features or support options from Lapin become available.

For more detailed technical info, sign-up details, support options, and privacy information, please visit our LapinCare site at Lapin employees are also available in person or by phone any time if you have any additional questions about the service.

Be proactive! Ask us about LapinCare Active Support today.