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Recently Lapin transitioned to a newer, more robust ticket-tracking and CRM platform. This new system allows us to more effectively manage the large quantity of bench repair jobs and onsite visits we process on a daily basis.

In addition to making things easier for us internally, the new system includes a web element meant to make customer engagement and updating easier, as well as move repair jobs along more quickly via additional email and SMS contact methods.

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We are happy to launch the Lapin Customer Portal, located at This page will now serve as our primary customer-facing support interface, allowing customers to submit and track questions, create new tickets, as well as track status and receive updates on existing tickets and jobs in progress.

This new platform has been a great help internally to manage the high number of repairs and hardware items in our stores at any given time, and to make scheduling and management of onsite consulting and repair services more efficient. We hope it will benefit our customers in the same way, and we thank all of you for your continued support!