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Macintosh service and support from one of Apple’s few designated Premium Service Providers in the Midwest



We understand your computer is your lifeline, which is why we are proud to announce that both Lapin repair locations have again been awarded the designation of Premium Service Provider by Apple for 2019! This title is awarded on a yearly basis to those service providers who exceed Apples strict metrics for repair quality, turnaround time, and customer service. Our talented and experienced technicians deserve all the credit for achieving and maintaining this standard, and we thank them for making Lapin one of the very few PSP-qualified, Apple-authorized repair facilities in the country.


Phone home! Control your home technology from your phone or tablet – Smarthome/streaming device sales and installation services now available

On the topic of services, we have recently expanded our scope of technology support to include comprehensive smarthome, IoT, and streaming device sales, onsite installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. This includes everything from smart lights and outlets to integration of intelligent assistants and home hubs like Siri, Google Home, and Alexa into your home network, which can provide access to convenient and fun new automation options. Faster, more secure, and more reliable solutions are also now available to upgrade your streaming experience, including high-performance mesh wireless networks and high-resolution 4K streaming devices like Apple TV, Roku, and Amazon Fire.

We are excited to offer new and existing customers our unique brand of friendly, experienced support and consulting services to a new area of home technology. Contact us today for installation assistance or to explore options for your home!

Protect your Mac and add value with additional backup and warranty options

Don’t forget about the existing line of LapinCare offerings to complement our standard AppleCare and out-of-warranty Mac repair services:

LapinCare Active Support – From $99/year

Reduce the chance of unexpected failures when you need your computer most.
Proactive, remote detection and identification of existing and impending issues with your Mac. Remote support options available. Visit https://www.lapin.com/lapincare for more information.

LapinCare Cloud Backup – $149/yr/unit

The only thing better (and safer!) than having a current, complete, local backup of your data is having another copy somewhere else.
Lapin has partnered with BackBlaze to offer our home and business customers unlimited, encrypted, offsite backups and integrated support at an extremely affordable price. Visit https://www.lapin.com/lapincare-cloud-backup for more information.

LapinCare RepairShield – From $49/repair

Protect your repair investment.
Extend the warranty on your Lapin hardware repair from 90-days to a full one year. Visit https://www.lapin.com/lapincare-repair-shield for more information.