LapinCare Cloud Backup End-User Subscription Agreement

Thank you for subscribing to LapinCare Cloud Backup featuring BackBlaze!

Please read the following points and complete the form below to indicate approval. Click here to read the LapinCare Cloud Backup Data Sheet before submitting.

1. I have read the "LapinCare Cloud Backup Take Home" document linked above and understand the details and general functionality of the service.

2. The subscription includes initial setup, configuration, one-day email support response time, machine/user management, and restore assistance from Lapin Systems.

3. Due to the nature of the account management and assistance features offered, Lapin is granted access to my backed up data in order to facilitate restorations in the event of data loss or other support requests.

4. I have the option to request Lapin support staff be permanently prevented from accessing my backup data. This may prevent Lapin from being able to offer restore assistance and/or remote support, and may require physical access to the machine in order to provide assistance, which can incur additional bench or onsite service fees.

5. Data is encrypted and stored securely at the Backblaze data center, using military-grade, 128-bit AES symmetric key encryption - only you, your Lapin support technician (conditional - see above), and anyone with whom you have personally shared your login credentials has access to the backup.

6. I have the option to OPT-OUT of location-specific features, namely the Locate My Computer feature, in which case the location of my computer will NEVER be shared with the service. This will completely disable the Locate My Computer feature, which can be helpful in cases of machine theft or loss.

7. There is no limit to the amount of data I can backup from my subscribed computer (or computers, if multiple unit licenses are purchased) or LOCALLY-ATTACHED (USB, Thunderbolt, Firewire, etc.) external hard drives.

8. The service will not backup a locally-attached Time Machine backup drive. In other words, the service will not backup a backup.

9. My subscription does not include the ability or license to backup servers or network-attached storage devices. (Please ask us about B2 enterprise backup options in these cases).