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LapinCare Active Support – A new way to think about preventative maintenance.

This week we are proud to launch LapinCare Active Support, a new service from Lapin Systems offering proactive, remote detection and identification of common Mac issues. Our goal is to help minimize downtime, maximize productivity, and prevent data loss for all of our customers, both home and business. Support BEFORE you need it. Peace of [...]

Customer portal now live at

Recently Lapin transitioned to a newer, more robust ticket-tracking and CRM platform. This new system allows us to more effectively manage the large quantity of bench repair jobs and onsite visits we process on a daily basis. In addition to making things easier for us internally, the new system includes a web element meant to [...]

Upgrading to Mac OS X 10.11 (El Capitan)? Here are some things to think about first.

No company gets people excited for a new product like Apple. Whether it's a new iPhone, iPad, an entirely new product line like the Apple Watch, or something as routine as the next upgrade the Mac OS X, Apple's hype machine goes into high gear and has people chomping at the bit to jump in [...]

What our customers say

Huge thanks to Jeff at Lapin Systems, Inc., who fixed my MacBook Pro in 6 minutes, and charged me accordingly ($12.90!). The guys at Apples Genius Bar have helped me plenty in the past, but this time 45 mins at the Bar was totally ineffective. It was well worth the drive up to Dempster to get the problem solved and come home brimming with relief & gratitude.
Heather M.
For all of you Mac users, please keep in mind Lapin Systems, Inc., in Evanston if you need repair. They were AWESOME! One of our few indie repair places for Macs left in the city vicinity. Had my ol’ laptop back w/ in 3 days, had Apple repaired it would’ve been 7-10, sent away to Texas, additional but not needed repairs would have been required at a MUCH higher cost. Use them!
Stacy P.
These guys give great service. I was able to get my computer back 24 hours after I brought it in!!!!
John Z.
Lapin – thanks for fixing the MacBook Pro in 24 hours. The Apple Store (Old Orchard) held it for four days, “couldn’t find anything,” and handed it back to me. It died four weeks later. You guys revived it. I’m typing you this message on it at this moment.
Mac B.
Lapin is awesome: I had a data recovery issue and they quoted me a price for the initial review and for the total recovery. When the recovery was less time consuming than they initially thought they only charged me the initial review price- Classy Move and all my data was recovered and I am back up an running!
Steve L.
Great service. Helped me figure out what I needed to get my Mac current. Highly recommended.
Ray S.
If you have Macintosh computers old or new this is the place to go to have your Mac upgraded or fixed! The BEST!
Jorie G.
Fast turnaround, took time to explain things, discussed pros and cons in depth and ultimately recommended I give them less money than I was ready to. Very relaxed and knowledgable. From what I could tell, same prices as the Apple store without the stress…
Steve L.
Lapin rocks! I bring my Macbook in to the Evanston store or call one of their “on-site” guys (they come to my apt in the city) whenever I have problems or questions. They are always friendly, helpful, and get me back up and running quickly.
Lauren G.
I took my iBook here to get a new hard drive after my old one died (well after my warranty had expired). They had several models to choose from and were quite willing to just install the hardware and let me install the OS and all my apps myself, which I wanted to do.
Jon L.
I have been a customer of Lapin on and off for many years, and always pleased when I walked out of their door. I have tried taking my laptop and desktop iMacs to the Apple store. The Geniuses are generally helpful, but the noise and energy makes my head spin. I realize that I haven’t heard most of what they tried to tell or teach me. Today, I walked into Lapin…quiet!! Spoke with someone who was helpful, knowledgeable and we could communicate with each other. Plus, I was able to get my MacBook Pro and her issues, promptly addressed.
Pam B.
After an unfortunate mid-sip-of-wine sneeze, I thought I’d ruined my MacBook Pro. The Apple Store Genius recommended taking the machine to an Apple-approved repair shop, so I went to Lapin Systems in Old Town (also in Evanston). Diagnosis/treatment: shorted-out top cover fixed for a relatively small repair fee, with fast turn-around by nice, professional experts. Highly recommended should you need Mac tech support/repair.
The BEST computer service anywhere. I’ve been a loyal customer for years and years. I bought my Mac Mini here years ago. Now I’ve had my Mac Mini, as well as my new IMac serviced here. They did a totaly great job, first rate and did it in record time.
Gail M.
Lapin = awesome. I recently needed to clean up (wipe all data, update software, etc.) an old work laptop so I could give it to my kids. Lapin handed the job quickly and at a low price. I was really pleased. Since then I’ve been back to Lapin a few times with small hardware issues and they always help me out. They’re right around the corner from my office in River North. I love not having to make an appointment at the Apple Store every time I have a hardware issue. If you have a hardware issue, before you commit to paying the geniuses at the Apple Store to fix it, talk to the nice, smart guys at Lapin. You may be pleasantly surprised.
Andrew M.
After taking my five and a half year old iMac to the Apple Store, where they told me the hard drive and data on it were most likely gone forever, I took the iMac to Lapin based on Apples recommendation. Jeff quickly diagnosed the problem, fixed the problem and was able to recover all of the data in less than an hour! That right there would be enough to say this place is top notch. But after another problem occurred with the iMac, Jeff was able to fix the new problem quickly and still recover the data. Not only did he recover the data, he also was kind enough to transfer it to win external drive for me.
David R.
I can’t praise Lapin enough. In the four years they have been servicing my family’s computers, I have found their technicians to be unfailingly smart, professional, and friendly. (How often can you say that about the IT guys where you work???) Re their pricing, I agree 100% with Lauren G. The way I see it, I have two technical support options: I can scour message boards on the internet for hours, praying to find someone with a problem like mine, and then pray some more that someone actually answered their question, hopefully not with some half-baked workaround; OR, I can pay Lapin a reasonable fee to get it fixed quickly and correctly. No contest!
Phil B.