LapinCare Cloud Backup Data Sheet

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Thank you for subscribing to the LapinCare Cloud Backup service featuring Backblaze! Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions. If something is missing, please don’t hesitate to ask.

What’s being backed up?

All of your important personal data is being backed up, including anything from your Desktop, Documents, Music, Pictures, Library, and Shared folders. If your hard drive is partitioned, all Mac-formatted partitions and external hard drives connected via Firewire, USB, and Thunderbolt are also included in the backup. By default the only files that are excluded from the backup are the operating system, applications, and unnecessary files such as your trash, cache folders, and other transient files (a great reason to use LCCB as a supplement to a full, locally attached Time Machine backup drive!). Certain Mac file types are also excluded from the cloud backup by default, including ISO, DMG, and VHD files, though these and other exclusions can be removed in the configuration panel if desired. Finally, there are certain types of data and volumes that are not backed up for practical and fair-use reasons. These include: Network-attached storage (NAS); Time Machine drives (the service will not backup a backup); Bootcamp (Windows) partitions; Virtual Machine images (i.e. Parallels or VMWare data, though these can be manually INCLUDED in the backup with a small change in configuration); and volumes mounted via file-sharing protocols. Your external hard drives need to be connected to your computer and scanned by Backblaze at least once every 30 days in order to keep them backed up. Also, backups cannot complete while your computer is powered off or asleep.

How much data can I backup?

As much as you want. There is no size-limit to your subscription and you will never receive “out-of-space” warnings or errors.

Does the service have a copy of all my data since I started using it?

No! The service will keep versions of any file that changes for up to 30 days. However, it is not designed as an additional storage system when you run out of space. The backup service mirrors your drive at all times. If you delete certain data from your computer/external hard drive, it will be deleted from the service after 30 days. This is the same way Time Machine backups work, though the retention period (with Time Machine) varies based on the size of the external hard drive you are using.

Do I have to do anything?

No! Once the software is installed and configured (these services are included with your subscription) it will run in the background while you are working and when your computer is idle (backups cannot complete while your computer is off or asleep). If there are any hiccups, you’ll see a warning message, at which point you are free to consult with Lapin staff via phone or email to get it resolved as quickly as possible! Even better, our LapinCare Active Support service ( integrates with LCCB, and will alert us (often before you are even aware!) if there are any problems with the backup, at which point we would contact you directly as soon as possible to resolve the issue. LapinCare Active Support (LCAS) is an additional, paid service which offers proactive, remote detection and identification of common Mac issues. Visit the site above or contact Lapin for more information and pricing options.

How do I restore lost files?

There are several ways to recover lost, missing, or deleted files from your backup (up to 30 days worth). You will need to login to your secure backup account at Once there, you will have the ability to restore files individually using the web interface, request/download a zip archive of multiple files, or even have a USB Flash or Hard Drive sent to you with the entire contents of your backup account (useful in cases of large backups and/or slow internet connections). Your LapinCare Cloud Backup subscription grants Lapin administrative access to your backup for support, configuration, and restore assistance*. If you have having trouble restoring, or simply find the task daunting and would prefer assistance, you are welcome to email or call any Lapin location and we will gladly schedule a time to assist you in recovering your lost files.

* You have the option to opt-out of this feature, but it may limit our support options depending on the situation.

What if I need help?

Your subscription includes initial setup, configuration, one-day email support, machine/user management, and restore assistance from Lapin Systems. If you cannot restore missing files yourself using one of the methods above, or you have a general question about usage, configuration, or setup, simply email us at with your issue and we will be happy to assist.

What other features am I getting?

Other than fast access to Lapin’s friendly and experienced staff for setup, troubleshooting, and restore assistance, LapinCare Cloud Backup includes the “Locate My Computer” feature*. As long as the service remains installed on the computer and the unit is connected to the internet, it can be located using a shared WiFi location database. In addition, newly created files can be viewed on the web by logging into your backup account, giving you insight into what types of adventures your computer may be having without you. This can be helpful in cases of loss or theft, and regardless of whether or not your machine is recovered, you have the ability to restore your files to any other computer with internet access as long as you can log into your backup account.

* You have the option to OPT-OUT of this feature, in which case the location of your computer will NEVER be shared with the service. This will completely disable the “Locate My Computer” feature.

Is my privacy protected?

Due to the nature of the account management and assistance features offered, Lapin is granted access to your backed up data in order to facilitate restorations in the event of data loss or other support requests. Don’t worry, your data is still encrypted and stored securely at the Backblaze data center, using military-grade, 128-bit AES symmetric key encryption – only you, your Lapin support technician, and anyone with whom you have personally shared your login credentials has access to the backup. The service also supports two-factor authentication to prevent unauthorized access to your account.

Unanswered questions? Please visit the link below for the full, searchable FAQ library.

Remember that your subscription to LapinCare Cloud Backup includes much more than the software itself, including configuration, email support, restore assistance, and general troubleshooting help. Please email with any questions or concerns that cannot be answered using the above resources. We are here to help.